Your life is going to suck unless you turn it around

Ada Ubrezi
6 min readOct 27, 2018

When it will get better? When you’ll stop being reactive and start being proactive.

“man jumping above mountains” by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

We all have those few friends who keep complaining about their life all the time. At least, I have. Life isn’t fair to them; their work sucks, they don’t feel motivated to do anything, they feel like nothing is working out for them, they are failing over and over again. Don’t we all have moments like these?

Sorry to break the news to you, but mother nature didn’t design the life to be easy. She did quite the opposite.

Despite all the complaints we might have about life, we have it a little bit easier compared to hunters from the ice age. Don’t you think? So why your life isn’t working out quite like you’d wish?

Reality check: You are not a kid anymore

When we were kids, our problems seemed to disappear magically. It often felt as there are good fairies taking care of us. You aren’t entirely wrong. Those good fairies are called parents.

However, when you grow out of bedtime stories, life starts looking differently. The bad news is, life wasn’t designed to be a fairy-tale 24/7, 365 days a year. It can be pretty hard. It may seem that for some of us it sucks all the time. The question is why it doesn’t change? Whose fault…



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