Will VR be all we have left in the future?

Are we less willing to change than we thought?

Ada Ubrezi


A few weeks ago, I finally managed to visit my friend’s place. Her parents live in a small town in northern Germany, surrounded by nature. I couldn’t imagine a better place for a much need break from a busy city.

Unfortunately for us, it was raining cats and dogs. No fear! VR is here! My friend’s parents have recently purchased a VR set, so we couldn’t think of a better opportunity to test it.

In case you are wondering, YouTube has a whole bunch of VR content. Whether you want to dive and discover coral reefs, go on a space adventure, skydive, go for a rollercoaster right, you choose.

My VR experience

I chose to dive at coral reefs. Swimming in clear-blue, sky-like water, with hundreds of little fishes in craziest colour combinations, float alongside sea turtles. I spent a good 10 minutes starting at coral reefs. It was amazing.

But as I kept exploring the world underneath, I got a panic attack out of the blue. There was nothing scary in the video. It just really hit me I might be looking at something that might not be there in a few years. You know, these days it’s almost impossible not to read about coral bleaching, among many other issues.

Imagine your Instagram post twenty years from now

When I started writing this post, I wondered what might speak to the current generation. Since we seem to enjoy having a profile of a world-traveller who visited 70+ countries and gets hundreds of likes from strangers, tell me: How do you imagine your Instagram posts to look twenty years from now?

Will it look like the one on the left or will it resemble the one on the right (one of many, highly polluted Hawaiian beaches)?

Hawaii beaches, Source: Etsy.com (left) & https://www.travelandleisure.com (right)

What is going on in your mind?

When I travelled across Canada a few years ago, I took a hike in one of its incredible national parks.



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