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Ada Ubrezi
5 min readApr 24, 2018
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Travelling has probably never been easier. Especially with the amount of apps available on the market. If you think about it, when was the last time you made a decision to visit a restaurant, see an attraction or book an accommodation by asking an actual human rather than using an app?

Despite thousands of apps available on the market, promising you the best experience ever, majority of them is built for one purpose only. The purpose is to eat your phone’s memory alive!

Therefore to make my life easier and my phone’s life more bearable, I downloaded and tested probably hundreds of apps to find a few I keep using when travelling around the world. Functionalities, smooth UI, useful information and options to collaborate with your friends when planning your trips are only a few reasons I chose the apps below. So here we go:

Know where all your money goes

TrabeePocket (FREE)

This one is practical when travelling as well as for your everyday life. It simply helps you track your travel expenses. The free version allows you to split your expenses into six basic categories. You can see at a glance how much you’ve spent and you can still spend. The one functionality I really like is the ability to switch between currencies in your budget. So let’s say my budget is set in Canadian dollars and with one click I see how much I spent in euros.

So bye bye foreign receipts. For a small upgrade fee, you’ll be able to get a bunch of additional functionalities (customize your categories, download your travel expense reports, etc.).

TrabeePocket Interface (Google Play Store)

Be nifty when it comes to exchange rates

TransferWise (FREE)

This is my new favourite app! For expats, digital nomads or travelers, banking across borders can be a pain in the next. But this little miracle made it a whole lot easier. With around 2 million customers around the world acquired in less than 2 years, TransferWise is a total game changer. Here’s why you’ll love it too:

  • it allows you to set up a free, borderless account
  • you’ll be able to exchange currencies at one of the best market rates
  • your money transfer will be completed within 3–4 days
  • you will see an exact fee (pretty low one), so thumbs up for some level of transparency
  • you will be able to choose from 7 different transfer methods (credit, debit, IDEAL, Paypal, SOFORT, Trustly, Apple Pay)

Here is how it works:

Here is how to beat hidden bank fees (this video is a property of TransferWise)

TransferWise is super easy, quick & intuitive. You have all the transfers at your fingertip. To make it even better, TransferWise has recently launched its very own debit card in collaboration with Mastercard. So hurry up Mr. Mailman, I cannot wait to try mine. So bye bye bank fees & inconvenient exchange rates and hello world!

Access unique homes instead of hotels

Airbnb (FREE)

Among the endless amount of hostel & hotel booking apps, Airbnb will probably be my top choice forever. Why? The app offers you a really amazing accommodation at affordable price range. It also lets you experience your stay the way you wouldn’t be able to in hotels or hostels. I only say this because I haven’t seen offering you an igloo, cabin or other crazy looking condo to stay in yet.

In addition, Airbnb allows you to create wish lists, invite your friends to your bookings, earn airbnb credit and get some recommendations from locals. In combination with its newly launched ‘experience’ feature, Airbnb is a bundle of useful information that will help you experience the city like a true local.

Have a truly amazing foodie experience

Foursquare (FREE)

Are you looking for the best breakfast, lunch, dinner, nightlife or cool coffee places anywhere around the world? This mobile app has it all. In 99% of all cases, recommendations are accurate, which is more than I’ve ever experienced compared to any other app I used before. It’ll provide you with advices from locals, opening hours, price range, navigation, photos, ratings, in some cases with restaurants/cafes wifi passwords and more. What I like the most are collaborative lists the app allows you to create with your friends. On top of that its UI is very easy & intuitive.

Foursquare interface (Apple Store)

UrbanSpoon (FREE)

Being on the market for a while, UrbanSpoon teamed up with Zamato and it worked out just great. You’ll be able to find a good spot to eat based on your budget. Isn’t that just great! You won’t stay hungry and get bankrupt!

Get ideas for your next travel adventures

How can you choose only one app to inspire you for your next travel adventure? The one I chose below is my favourite one.

Pinterest (FREE)

If you though this app so for cute doodles, fashion, interior design, recipe enthusiast and inspiration quotes, etc., well you were right. But Pinterest is more than that. With over 200 million users and endless amount of information this app is the one to watch. At all times!

Where I get my inspiration for travelling in Canada

Why? First of all, we are talking about 200 millions users, adding and shaping Pinterest content on a daily basis. Second of all, each of those breathtaking travel photographs connects you to thousands of websites and travel blogs, filled with useful travel tips and other information. Moverover, Pinterest allows you to create collaborative boards you can use for planning trips with your friends. Isn’t it great when you can find or do everything via a single online platform?

Make your travel memories last forever

1 second everyday (FREE)

I bet your first thought was ‘Instagram’. I mean yeah, this is where I mostly post all my travel moments. Photographs are amazing but I still think video is the best way to keep our memories alive! So I started using 1 second everyday. You literally use it to capture one second every day. In the end you combine all the moments into a movie compilation. I swear I haven’t seen one that would not be hilarious. Isn’t it amazing to have all your travel moments only one click away?

While only a few made it to my ‘the most favourite travel app’ list, there are so many others worth mentioning. So here we go with few more.

  • LeuPay: pay and get paid in multiple currencies, although I still prefer TransferWise
  • Hopper / Skyscanner: great when looking for some good flight deals
  • Snapseed: for all who wants to bring their travel photos to the next level
  • VSCO: for all travel photo enthusiast

And btw, if you have any recommendations on apps that might have escaped my radar, please feel free to share your app suggestions with me.

Until then, enjoy your travels!



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