Stop looking for happiness in travelling

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It’s great to wander around the globe and enjoy life, but to live a life full of meaning, you’ll need to put in the work because no one will find your ‘happiness’ for you.

I love travelling…


“Silhouette of a woman against a pink and purple sunset, hair floating in the wind” by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Travelling is so much more than just happiness

Most of all, travelling is about growth. Your growth.

  • It’s about doing things that push you out of your comfort zone and shape you into the person you are or will become.
  • It’s about dealing with all kinds of emotions and learning how to handle them without being afraid of how you feel.
  • It’s about not being afraid to show your emotions.
  • It’s about being open to all the moments you experience on this journey — happy, sad, hilarious, crazy, a little bit dangerous.
  • It’s about the adrenaline you feel pumping through your veins that makes you feel alive, that makes you a human being.
“Young woman leans out car window to feel the fresh mountain air” by averie woodard on Unsplash

So what is travelling really about?

It’s about conquering the biggest fear of all, the fear of regretting not taking a chance to do something different, to live your dream.



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Ada Ubrezi

Ada Ubrezi

I enjoy researching different topics, occasionally, I’ll turn them into articles.