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How to declutter your digital experience and think about your data privacy

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What are advertisers trying to tell me? (Copyright: author)

“Advertising is based on a simple feeling called happiness. It can tap into our secret desires to satisfy our needs or solve our problems.”

“People don’t want to buy a lamp; they need a cosy place to crash and chill.”

“Are advertisers looking into building relationships with brands’ true fans or customers? Or has advertising turned into an avalanche of useless spam and data chasing?

The access to a website was blocked due to Adblocker extension
“It looks like you are using an ad-blocker message on a website.” (Copyright: author)

In the present-day culture, we are the most important product.

So trying to escape advertising is more of a side-effect.

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Cross-site trackers to track user behaviour mapped by Brave browser
Cross-site trackers list by Brave (copyright: author)



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I enjoy researching different topics, occasionally, I’ll turn them into articles.