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How to declutter your digital experience and think about your data privacy

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  • the unhealthy amount of advertising in our lives,
  • the impact on our behaviour and online experience,
  • as well as the effect on our privacy and data we share with strangers.

Advertising has come a long way.

It got closer to us more than ever before. Often it feels, the advertising is with us every step of the way, including bathroom breaks. Yes, that’s right.

What are advertisers trying to tell me? (Copyright: author)

Do you know what happiness is?

While advertising experiences missteps on the way, it got one thing right.

“Advertising is based on a simple feeling called happiness. It can tap into our secret desires to satisfy our needs or solve our problems.”

A few weeks back, I joined a virtual class on how to kickstart your online business & brand. One of the most important lessons I took from it were these words:

“People don’t want to buy a lamp; they need a cosy place to crash and chill.”

The above words describe the essence of advertising in the most accurate way. At least for me. After all these years, it still amazes me how good advertisers have gotten in tapping to our purest feelings to spark our desire and create the need to ‘own’ things. In many cases, we might not even really need them. Advertising has the power to invent the want. And the more it reminds you that you need something, the better.

About healthy boundaries and our experience

Can you recall the feelings you have when you reach a tipping point, whether this is after too much of your favourite food, drink or even activity?

“Are advertisers looking into building relationships with brands’ true fans or customers? Or has advertising turned into an avalanche of useless spam and data chasing?

I’d like to keep exploring new products, services or experiences, but on my terms which has been a bit of a tricky matter.

Nothing in our culture is for free.

While adopting an ad-blocker or browsers that shield you from advertising are reasonable steps forward, they won’t solve the entire problem.

The access to a website was blocked due to Adblocker extension
“It looks like you are using an ad-blocker message on a website.” (Copyright: author)

In the present-day culture, we are the most important product.

If advertisers can’t see us, can’t make us click, convert or just follow around, how would they get what they want, our data and behavioural insight?

So trying to escape advertising is more of a side-effect.

What many people seek is more privacy, better experience instead of being an easy spam target.

The incognito mode won’t help you to hide.

Photo by Braydon Anderson on Unsplash
Cross-site trackers to track user behaviour mapped by Brave browser
Cross-site trackers list by Brave (copyright: author)

What can we as users do?

The moment you start figuring out how to limit advertising and get at least part of your privacy back, it can get overwhelming. So where to start?



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