Is this all you own?

Ada Ubrezi
5 min readApr 8, 2019

How learning to live with less can make room for more of what matters and is essential to your life.

To avoid any disappointment, this is not another ‘Kondo the hell out of it’ story. Quite frankly, I hope you know how to fold your pants and put them in an organized way to your closet. This is a story about how a simple life decision to embark on a solo travel journey turned into an unexpected life declutter.

The old city, a fresh start

After travelling for seven months, I returned to Amsterdam. I admit it was a bit of a weird feeling. The city didn’t change much, but I did. I moved to the new apartment, ready for a fresh start in this cozy city. Few months into settling down, I invited my colleague over for the very first time. And, as it is a habit with first-time visitors to your new place, tour de house followed. When I showed her around, she put one plus one together and realized I didn’t bring back too much of my stuff after I returned. Shockingly, she asked: “ Is this all you own right now?”

How did we get here

Over a year ago, I decided to leave Amsterdam, to pack all my belongings and set out for my solo travel. One of the goals I had set for myself was to keep it practical. I didn’t want to drag a ton of baggage with me through airports or anywhere I went. How many things do you need in the end? Your passport, your credit card and well few clothing items.

It was only at this point I realized how many things I’d accumulated over five years of living in my old apartment — so much crap. Therefore, I decided to go through some declutter. Our old apartment turned into a donating centre, a shop and a clothes swap centre. Despite the initial struggle and emotional attachment to things that were getting in my way, letting go of the majority of my stuff never felt better.

One luggage and a small backpack were all I had with me for the next seven months. Toward the end of my travels, I went through another round of decluttering and brought one more bag of clothes over to a local donation centre.

Moving fast forward to the present, not much has changed besides a few items on top of everything else I’ve already owned. I could still pack everything I own and move to a new place…



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