Hi Gracie :) I think you can drop everything for a while and just see where life takes you. I did it for a bit. But after a while, I think only exploring is not enough. I think is great to see, experience, enjoy, learn and explore, but for me as well as for many other people the time came, when this was just not enough. Why? Because I or we started to feel the need to put all we experienced in use, and this is where the growth happens. I think travelling is a great way to ‘live a little’, it can bring you temporary happiness, but till when it will last, I think no one knows, cos for everyone it’s different. After travelling I realised, I was maybe just trying to escape somewhere, because I thought that the process of it, the experiences will make me feel alive, better, feel happier, exploring always something new. And I loved it. But I also realised, I don’t want to do this forever and be able to find happiness (whatever that it) within. And that did not happen because of travel, only :)

So maybe just enjoy travel with whatever comes with it. Just don’t focus only for looking for happiness, you never know what you’ll find ;)

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Ada Ubrezi

Ada Ubrezi

I enjoy researching different topics, occasionally, I’ll turn them into articles.