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When I started adopting a more minimalist way of life a few years back, decluttering my budget wasn’t really the first thing on my mind.

It turned out to be more of a side effect. In this case, a very positive one.

So what does living on minimalist or, as…

A moment devoted to sun

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The stillness of an early morning
Our secret rendezvous
Together we share a cup of coffee

I love these quiet moments
When it’s just you and me

You approach me slowly
Touching my skin
Joy and comfort is what I feel within

The sea of calmness before the day begins

I love to watch your little game
I call it to hide and seek
When you are dancing through the clouds
Life seems so playful and sweet

Can you hear it?

The day starts pulling me back into its wild waters
We need to say goodbye for now
Let’s not feel sorrow
Rather joy of this moment
We’ll meet again tomorrow

It’s about changing both sides of a coin

To make sure everyone is on the same page before we go any further, here is a short definition of conscious consumption by Kristin Wong from the NY Times:

Conscious consumption is an umbrella term that simply means engaging in the economy with more awareness of how your consumption impacts…

How to declutter your digital experience and think about your data privacy

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I had this piece ready roughly three weeks ago. The only thing left was to publish. I decided to run it by my friend for one last time. She came back to me with: “I reviewed your hate letter to advertising :).”

It struck me a bit as I didn’t…

Less screen time doesn’t mean less contact or information

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Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have enough of it. Especially now, when digital platforms are still for many of us, the only way to work, learn and stay in touch with our loved ones. They are the remaining option for us to be creative, entertained and informed.

When the world closed…

Confession on what goes on behind the closed door

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7:15 AM. I jump out of my bed to switch off the alarm. The phone display tells me it’s the 3rd of April. I’m approaching the end of my fourth week of self-isolation, you know, since the Earth has started shutting down.

7:30 AM. As I don’t have to rush…

Are we less willing to change than we thought?


A few weeks ago, I finally managed to visit my friend’s place. Her parents live in a small town in northern Germany, surrounded by nature. I couldn’t imagine a better place for a much need break from a busy city.

Unfortunately for us, it was raining cats and dogs. No…

And that’s okay

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So, don’t be sad that some of them did not work out. It doesn’t mean you should dismiss them. Some of your connections are just not meant to last. However, they played an essential part in shaping your personality.

Relations, like any other living organism, are a subject to evolution…

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Last week we ‘celebrated’ World Mental Health day. How many of you did know World Mental Health day falls on the tenth of October? No worries if you didn’t.

I have to say I wouldn’t know either if I didn’t stumble upon it on my friend’s Instagram stories. If it…

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I enjoy researching different topics, occasionally, I’ll turn them into articles.

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